COPD experience

Jun 22, 2021
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Specific COPD experience

From the launch and marketing of tiotropium to the support of generic COPD and asthma therapies with their specific devices, the launch of triple therapies in COPD and the use of antibodies in asthma, AxTalis has several years of experience in the therapeutic area of respiratory medicine and has a hands-on network of clinical experts because of it.

In 2021 specifically, we successfully completed 3 projects in COPD and asthma, one for the strategic marketing positioning of 2 related therapies, one for the comparison of adherence to guidelines and differences of approaches between general practitioners and specialists, including the analysis of the patient journey and patient tree (with secondary research, a survey, an advisory board and an online discussion forum), and one with an mHealth solution for COPD with an analysis of existing and future offerings both nationally and internationally including the available clinical data (RWE).