Diabetes care

Sep 21, 2021
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Mapping the diabetes care ecosystem

For a company investing in diabetes care, we conducted a clinical and economic landscape assessment of diabetes care in Belgium to help them shape their offering and involvement. Focusing on the national, regulatory framework as laid down by the NIHDI, the role of the various actors involved was described, and the 'patient journey' within these care paths and the associated costs were analyzed. The data obtained from the literature review was translated into practice by means of interviews with crucial actors within the diabetes network. Additionally, we looked at the treatment of patients outside of the care paths and the costs and allowances as provided by the various mutual health organizations. Finally, an overview of past and current support and prevention initiatives was also presented. AxTalis provided a clear map of the ecosystem with potential touchpoints for intervention/contribution by the client and the stakeholders to focus on. Also recommendations for future care management and organization were formulated.