mHealth Reimbursement

Feb 6, 2022
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Guidance for a master’s thesis.

Belgium has become one of the pioneering countries regarding mHealth in Europe, alongside economic giants such as Germany and the UK. Despite the possibility and seeming benefits of the reimbursement of mHealth, no application has received an official grant yet. This is in stark contrast to a country like Germany, where already over 20 apps are (temporary) reimbursed.

AxTalis is a co-promotor for Domien Verdonck’s master thesis in the group of Prof. Dr. Steven Simoens (Pharmaco-economics KU Leuven) on the subject. The research centers on  the pivotal factors for the financing and reimbursement of mHealth apps, focusing on the manufacturers' and regulatory authorities’ viewpoint. Through interviews with relevant stakeholders, answers are sought on issues regarding ‘proving value’, ‘financial flow’, ‘implementation’, and ‘practicality’. Be sure to be on the look-out for this exhaustive overview of mHealth in Belgium.