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As the complexity of the environment increases, Medical Affairs and Market Access functions are working closer together than ever to face the challenges of obtaining and sustaining the right price for therapeutics. In critical moments, companies might be confronted with a lack of manpower to prioritise this process, even though it lays the basis for commercialisation for years to come.

Market access

  • Strategic Market Access

  • Pricing

  • HEOR

  • Managed Entry Agreements

Functional synergies

  • Medical Writing

  • Interaction with experts

  • Project Management 

  • Go-to-market strategy

Medical affairs

  • Access & Patient Programs

  • Medical Information

  • Promotional Materials

  • Training & effectiveness


AxTalis understands that navigating healthcare systems is complex and not always straightforward as different stakeholders have different needs. By focusing on the key pillars of clinical research, health economics, market research and real-world outcomes research, AxTalis provides stakeholders with the knowledge and insight required to facilitate decision-making. As market access specialists, we work directly with patients, medical specialists, economists and the authorities to find common ground with one goal in mind – access to new technology for patients in need.

  • Design of Patient and treatment flow

  • Clinical data analysis

  • SWOT analysis

  • Data gap mitigation plan

  • Dossier writing

  • Value communication

  • Epidemiological research

  • Early Access programs

  • Development of pricing file

  • Pricing research

  • Pricing scenario analysis

  • Indication based pricing

  • HEOR Budget Impact Analysis

  • Health Economic Analysis

  • Sensitivity analysis

  • Strategic RWE (outcome research)

  • Innovative Managed Entry Agreements

  • Scenario testing

  • Evidence generating reimbursement

  • Early dialogue with buyers

  • KOLs and HCPs

  • Scenario testing

  • Value communication

  • Market Access Ad boards

  • Delphi panels

  • Training

  • Parliamentary discussion groups

  • Patient preference exercises

WHY AxTalis?

  • Experience: The Axtalis team are a dedicated team of access professionals with multiple years of significant market access and HEOR collaborations with biotech companies, start-ups and universities.

  • Expertise: In building experience across a wide range of therapeutic areas, we have developed in-depth knowledge and expertise in Oncology, Heamatology, Neurology, Immunology, Pain Management, Lysosomal Storage disorder, Cardiology, Diabetes, Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Gastro-enterology, Respiratory.

  • Network: The many years of working in the field of Market Access resulted in an extensive network of and relationship with external stakeholders that will benefit any type of Access project.


Axtalis considers Medical Affairs to be a key driver with a critical strategic impact in a healthcare organisation. Medical Affairs helps to define a prioritised strategy that tackles the most important challenges and grasps the most interesting opportunities. Reaching out to the external medical community and engaging with KOL’s, makes Medical Affairs well placed to gather insights and communicate the evidence on how the medical innovation fits the landscape and how it brings value to providers, patients, and payers.

  • Early Access programs

  • Real World Evidence & phase IV

  • Patient Oriented Programs

  • HCP projects such as speaker kits

  • Advisory boards

  • Insights gathering

  • Medico/marketing projects

  • Medinfo service

  • Pharmacovigilance

  • RIP activity

  • Creation of materials

  • Content for visual aids, brochures

  • Strategic/tactical plans

  • Scientific training

  • SOP creation

  • Project evaluation and planning

  • Portfolio management

  • Investor relations

  • Review for investment funds

Why AxTalis

  • Experience: As the AxTalis team has worked in multiple therapeutic areas, we easily understand and navigate in different therapeutic landscapes. We pride ourselves on the ability to quickly come to grasp with new areas and technologies.

  • Cross-functional: Having worked for multiple life science and medical companies, our medical affairs team brings a collaborative, operational spirit into your teams. This will ensure the optimal strategy and implementation for any given brand opportunity.

  • Network: After years of working of a vast diversity of projects, AxTalis has built a reputation and is recognised as a trusted partner within the larger clinical and medical community.


The role of Medical Affairs in Market Access has evolved from being an informative resource to being an integrated, strategic partner.

AxTalis was created to support companies by offering a dedicated cross-functional team as-a-service. This team combines the clinical and economic viewpoints and works closely with our clients for preparation, implementation and follow-up of the pricing and reimbursement process, including insights gathering, early access programs, dossier compilation and real-world evidence data collection.

The functional synergy between Market Access and Medical Affairs contributes to a better compromise.

  • The collaboration facilitates going beyond technical clinical performance and including thinking about stakeholders ‘willingness to pay’ in the real world.

  • Medical Affairs complements Market Access with insights and integrated evidence collection along the life cycle of a product to keep the finger at the pulse of the changing evidence and competitive environment.

  • A cross functional collaboration includes external expert engagement, management of Ad Boards, data collections via surveys/delphi panels, literature review, and the set up of early access programs.

  • The selection of the right medical experts for consulting, the specific elements of the file and the definition of the unmet need are further aspects of the synergies.