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AxTalis is a team of dedicated professionals to support or integrate with your Market Access or Medical Affairs team. Having collaborated with biotech companies, start-ups & universities, we bring industry experience in Commercial, Marketing, Access, Medical Affairs and Research.


As the complexity of the environment increases, Medical Affairs and Market Access functions are working closer together than ever to face the challenges of obtaining and sustaining the right price and conditions for therapeutics. Companies often lack the manpower or are unable to prioritise this process, even though it lays the basis for commercialisation for years to come.

AxTalis was created to support companies by offering a dedicated cross-functional team as-a-service. This team combines the clinical and economic viewpoints and works closely with our clients for preparation, implementation and follow-up of the access and launch strategy.

Sven Tops

Managing Partner - Market Access

Sven is a seasoned expert with of 20 years of experience in both hands-on and managerial roles in Commercial and Market Access. He leverages an extensive network of stakeholders both in the clinical arena and at the level of government and sick funds. He is intimately familiar with the influencers and decision makers when it comes to access to innovation.

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Frank Vanderdonck

Managing Partner - Medical Affairs

Frank is a pharmacist and experienced pharma executive with a focus on strategy and patient value. He has developed and implemented numerous medico-marketing projects, both for major pharmaceutical companies and for start-ups. He leverages the experience from roles as MSL manager and Medical Director to gather and build insights. The analytical skills from his Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence years support the development of the value story, launch strategy and projects.

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Kurt Ceuppens

Director Regulatory Affairs & Portfolio

Kurt has some two decades experience within Regulatory Affairs and Policy. A key contact to a large network of hospital pharmacists, policy makers and industry experts, he earned recognition for finding the compromises that reconcile different viewpoints and interests throughout his career. His engagement as a spokesman for industry associations exemplifies how a drive for ethics and patient care can bring value to all stakeholders involved.

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Lena Ceyssens

Market Access - Data analytics

A pharmacist by education with specialty in drug development, Lena joined AxTalis early on. Her insight in complex data sets and skills to manipulate them as well as her understanding of the processes and social skills for stakeholder interactions, make her a valued partner inside of AxTalis and for our clients.

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Sofie Vermander

Medical Manager

Sofie is a pharmacist by education with an MBA, inspired by value-based management. Her broad and scientific background enables her to have a quick and in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of diseases and medicines. Her dedication and enthusiasm are propelling AxTalis to a new level.

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Monica Ricci

Medical Manager - MSL

A chemist by education, Monica came to Belgium from Italy to complete her PhD at the KU Leuven. Restless curiosity drove her to explore electrochemistry, spectroscopy and nanomaterials applied to life sciences. At AxTalis she applies her passion and devotion to dive deeply into the scientific aspects of our Medical and Access projects.

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As the “New” launch ecosystem is characterised by increased complexity, it requires solid fundamentals for success. We believe that Market Access is shifting from a push towards a pull-through approach. Within this shift, we are convinced that Medical Affairs plays a critical role in managing this complexity.


  • Desk research

  • Value proposition development

  • P&R strategy

  • Planning tomorrow


  • External insights

  • Co-development with stakeholders

  • Commercial strategy

  • Anticipating the day after tomorrow



We trust in science as a driver for medical innovations. From the discovery to the generation of evidence, science is what brings medical innovations to patients


We believe that bringing medical innovations to patients is not only a collaborative effort within internal teams, it is also about openly engaging around the needs of external stakeholders.


We consider creating an impact for patients the most important task at hand. Our goal is to demonstrate the value of the right medical innovation for the right patient.















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