Nov 5, 2021
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Supporting the CAR-T reimbursement framework

At the time the first CAR-T came onto the Belgian market, there was no appropriate reimbursement framework for this type of treatment. 

As a key partner to our client, AxTalis joined in the interactions with all the parties involved, including the De Block administration, RIZIV, KOLs and patient associations, to help investigate and discuss the best approach for funding and access.  Numerous separate working groups were organized (also with legal and accountancy experts) to set up the implementation of a new system.  A reimbursement framework was discussed based on an annuity payment model (spreading the one-off cost over several years) with a real-world follow-up of the patient (outcome pay for performance system).  AxTalis modelled the impact of the annuity payment approach and was instrumental in the discussions with the contract reimbursement working group to come to a final decision.