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Oct 4, 2021
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Health economic assessment & value messaging comparing device types for strategic shift

One of our medical device clients requested support to build the value story to drive the shift from one device type to another in 4 different markets globally.

AxTalis tackled the project by performing a deep dive into literature, legislation, and hospital/procedural financing in the 4 geographies and by primary research with key stakeholders that play a role in the clinical patient management, the logistics or the financing of the concerned procedure.

Each device type with its own advantages and challenges as well as specific impacts on the procedure itself and the activities performed by the people involved in the various steps of the procedure, had a distinct health economic impact and the balance between these aspects in the various national contexts of payment schemes, could favor one or the other.

Based on the identified key health and cost drivers, AxTalis built a country and account specific ‘value calculator’ to evaluate the outcomes on an account per account basis. Specific recommendations and value messages were built to tweak the offering to individual countries and accounts backed by solid science and calculations, resulting in a new approach across geographies for our client with immediate impact on sales and revenue.